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History of Karatedo.

The word Karatedo is a combination of three Japanese characters 空 (kara meaning empty), 手 (te meaning hand) and 道 (do meaning way or path).


The “Way of Karate” is a means of physical, spiritual and moral development based on dedicated training.




Karatedo practice is divided into three aspects:

Kihon (basic training) emphasizes stances, breathing, basic blocks, hand techniques and kicks. Kata (forms) is the heart of karatedo and enables the practitioner to fully grasp the meaning of basics, breathing, concentration, balance, coordination and focus.

Kumite (sparring) allows practitioners to apply methods of attack and defense in a dynamic manner that enhances timing, speed, and control while working with a partner under controlled conditions.

Through hard training, practitioners seek to foster a spirit that strives for truth and respect for others.

We are a friendly club that trains twice a week, running mixed class's for adults and children from six years old.

Following the teaching of Soke Hirokazu Kanazawa the club is part of SKKIF and has been running for over 35 years.

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