Club History.

The Club was opened in 1986 by Sensei Karen Eastham 7th Dan and Sensei Joanne Titterington 7th Dan, Since then Kobushi Karate Club has gone from strength to strength. With over 150 members on the books at present and over 1350 in the years gone by, many people have trained under Sensei Karen and Sensei Joanne. 

As strict followers of Traditional Shotokan Karate, the two Senior sensei's choose Master Hirokazu Kanazawa as the man to be followed, Master Kanazawa was taught by the modern day father of Shotokan karate Master Gichin Funakoshi, Mr. Kanazawa has stuck to the traditional ways for some 55 years plus.

As well as training with Soke Kanazawa the Senior Sensei's have trained with the E.K.G.B. where Sensei's Karen and Joanne have been graded and examined up to National Referee and Judge.

Sensei Karen Eastham


Shichidan (7th Dan - E.S.K.A).

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Sensei Eastham M.N.C.F 7th Dan, Founder and Chief instructor, started training in the art of karate-do in 1978 and has trained with some of the best name in Shotokan Karate. Sensei Eastham  follows the teachings of Mr. Hirokazu Kanazawa, she is an official referee and judge, and also a qualified 1st Aider.


Over the past 22 years Sensei Eastham has trained over 70 students to 1st Dan, 19 to 2nd Dan, 4 to 3rd Dan and 1 to 4th Dan, In addition to countless number of kyu grades.  (Details correct as of 2001).


Sensei Eastham has once again re-validated as an Approved Senior Instructor.


 Sensei Joanne Titterington


Shichidan (7th Dan - E.S.K.A).

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Sensei Joanne Titterington 7th Dan. Senior Instructor of the club, Sensei Joanne started training in the art of karate-do in 1984. Sensei Joanne is also a strict follower of Mr. Hirokazu Kanazawa's teachings.


Being the Senior Instructor at Kobushi Karate Club Sensei Joanne over sees the tuition of all junior grades and novices and has done so to great effect.


Sensei Joanne has once again re-validated as an Approved Instructor.



 Sensei Andrew Titterington


Rokudan (6th Dan - E.S.K.A).





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Sensei Andrew Titterington 6th Dan, Began his initial training in 1986, he then had a 8 year gap. Sensei Andrew like Sensei Karen and Joanne is also a strict follower of Master Kanazawa and has trained with him on several occasions.


Sensei Andrew oversees the candidates for Dan Grade and ensures they are up to the correct standard.


Sensei Andrew has also been registered as an Approved Instructor.



All Student graded to Black belt have to pass a vigorous training regime which entails at least 6/9 months intensive training, preferably at 4/6 hours per week. All candidates must complete a 1 hour written examination.


All this criteria must be met before the student is eligible for the Shodan Practical Examination. The practical grading will last approximately 2-3 hours.