9th Kyu.

Aarron Bentham

Claire Hartley

Joanne MacLagan

Owen MacLagan

Pavan Patel

8th Kyu.

Charlotte Cooper

7th Kyu.

Holly Freeman

Jack Melling

6th Kyu.

Annie Heaps

Daisy Freeman

5th Kyu.

Evan Linkison

4th Kyu.

No Student graded to 4th Kyu

3rd Kyu.

Ella MacLagan

Sienna Parmar

2nd Kyu.

No Student graded to 2nd Kyu.

1st Kyu .

No Student graded to 1st Kyu.

1st Dan  - Shodan.

No student graded to Shodan

Attendance Awards.

No Student attained this reward, understandable during the Global pandemic


2021 Grading Dates.


Mock Grading

TBC. In Class

Grading Dates


TBC. In Class


Please note that all dates are not final and that confirmation will be made in class beforehand.


Want to know what techniques you will need to do, then click here for The Kobushi Karate Club Grading Syllabus.



Results from the 22nd July 2021 Grading